Tea tasting is a specialized art. People pay steeply for tea tasting workshops. Large tea companies employ professional tea tasters in order to maintain the consistency of their blends, which combine different teas whose characteristics vary seasonally. Connoisseurs of rare and speciality teas may taste dozens of teas in one day. We at Asian school […]

Tea lovers are there all around the world. Research states that it is the 2nd most preferred beverage after water. Understanding the “Art of Tea” is an age-old tradition that has been encouraged. With brand new knowledge and innovation, we are still exploring Tea limitlessly each day. When asked, “Why do you drink tea?” any […]

Tea foundations around the world provide tea education and certification programs. It is designed for individuals who are committed to tea consumption and wishing to explore the celebrated world of tea, and for those seeking foundational understanding for further study as aspiring tea experts. Learning how to cup, taste, blend and drink teas from around […]