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Consultancy Services

We aim to make tea a lifestyle beverage.  Thus, we have traveled far and wide to map a vast network of tea farmers and tea makers to help you source the right product for your brand or tea room. Additionally, we have joined hands with a large number of farmers of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers that can be blended with tea. Our experienced tea tasters and blend designers provide you with a one-stop solution for all your tea needs.

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Product Development/ Procurement

With the wide range of teas available in the market, many restaurants and tea lounges are often confused about their offerings. Our experienced Tea Sommeliers help you select the right teas that would blend perfectly with your theme and pair well with your food menu.

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Tea Menu Designing

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Tea Accessories Selection

Selecting the right accessories is essential for a holistic tea experience. Our experienced Tea Masters help you choose the right set of accessories for your tea lounge/restaurant.

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